Monday, November 21, 2011

Koh Chang for 3 days

We missed the early bus in Bangkok, and then the next bus was an hour late. Finally on, it took about 4 hours to get to the southeast coast near Trat, where we caught the last boat to the island of Koh Chang. After a quiet, dark, and very hilly ride on the back of a pickup truck, aka Taxi, we were dropped off in Lonely Beach, the "backpackers hangout." We wanted a scenic bungalow on the beach, but in the dark and with fatigue setting in we chose the bungalows at what we thought was the beach. We got the bungalow we wanted, and not much else. The room fit two beds and enough room to walk sideways between them, and a fan. And that is all. Outside there were shared amenities- the hole in the floor toilet and a water hose shower. Brooke slept through the night, but Tina was woken up by the ever louder shrieking of what is either a bird or a bug, a loud noise that is ubiquitous on the island. Having had the bungalow experience we decided to use our time wisely the next morning and find a better hotel on another beach. We decided on Siam Beach Resort. $30/each/night for picturesque views on the beach, warm showers, air conditioning, and complimentary breakfast! Sounds like a deal to us.
It is unbelievably hot and humid, and sweaty with every 5 minute walk. So today we decided to rent a motorbike, which we rode around the island and visited a waterfall with. The motorbike was convenient, as Brooke sliced up her foot, and Tina her leg, in a wonderfully stupid attempt at climbing some barnacle encrusted rocks along the cliff at the beach. We'll survive.
The island is overrun by tourists, pizza shacks, and annoying techno music despite its peaceful resort town charm. So tomorrow we are headed back to the mainland where we will take a bus back up to Bangkok and from there catch a 10 hour train to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. No barnacles there...


  1. Ouch, that foot picture is UGLY (not the foot, the samurai sword tracks). Perhaps the reclining buddha at Wat Pho will be sympathetic - his soles are only slightly more "groovey".

  2. Clean and disinfect daily! And continue having a blast. Kinda jealous over here in non-tan America land

  3. Brookie....happy B-Day to you, happy B-Day to youuuuuuuu :) Miss you, big hug!!! damn the foot thing looks PAINFUL, go to herablist in Bangkok and get something for it!!! Luv you, auntie grace